Hackage Stats: The Past Year


It’s been a while since I’ve crunched the Hackage / Cabal logs. Here’s an update, covering March 2010 – Feb 2011.


By March 2011, there were 2894 packages on Hackage. There were 2.02 million “cabal installs” in the 12 months to March 2011 (doubling the download rate of the previous year). There have been just shy of 4 million total “cabal installs” total, since Hackage went live. By 2011, Hackage was averaging over 200k downloads a month, more than double the same period a year ago.

Hackage continues to grow very quickly, averaging 18 package releases a day in March 2011, compared with 12 a day a year ago.

The Long Tail

The long tail of package popularity is visible on the log/log scale of downloads versus package rank, where the top 10% of packages, get 80% of the downloads



The top 15 libraries in 2010 were:

  1. parsec (30.3k downloads)
  2. HTTP (27.1k)
  3. network (26.8k)
  4. mtl (26.1k)
  5. binary (23.9k)
  6. zlib (23.5k)
  7. transformers (20.7k)
  8. utf8-string (19.7k)
  9. QuickCheck (19.4k)
  10. Cabal (17.5k)
  11. text (16.6k)
  12. haskell-src-exts (15.2k)
  13. deepseq (15k)
  14. regex-base (14.5k)
  15. hslogger (14k)


The top 15 apps in 2010

  1. cabal-install (25.9k downloads
  2. haddock (12.5k)
  3. xmonad (10.4k)
  4. cpphs (10.4k)
  5. happy (9.7k)
  6. alex (8.3k)
  7. pandoc (6.8k)
  8. darcs (6.4k)
  9. snap (5.5k)
  10. hlint (5k)
  11. leksah (4.5k)
  12. happstack (4k)
  13. xmobar (3.9k)
  14. yesod (3.1k)
  15. cabal2arch (2.6k)

Some noticeable changes: the 3 core web frameworks are way up in the list.

  • xml is the most popular xml library (12k) vs HaXml (7.6k), hexpat (4.3k), hxt (3.1k).
  • For graphics, cairo is the clear winner (12.5k), gtk (8k), wxcore (3k)
  • vector is the most popular arrays library (10k)
  • cereal is closing in on binary (9.7k)
  • attoparsec is climbing (8.3k)
  • HDBC remains the most popular datbase layer (6.5k)

The yearly totals for each package are available here.


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